Vital Facts of Irish Lotto to Help You Win!

Irish Lotto [lottopedia link] started in 1988 soon after the Irish government endorsed the National Lottery Act. This supports numerous sections of community, such as health, sports, welfare, national history and arts.

The initial Irish Lotto drawing occurred on 16 April 1988 and from when it was started, the Lotto has obtained an excess of €36 billion to provide support to the Irish community.

The Irish lottery begins with a €2 million jackpot. The second prize can go up to €25,000. The biggest jackpot ever won with Irish Lottery is €9,505,290. This record was unbeaten for 10 years.

Winning Irish Lotto

You should play many times so as to win the lottery. The option for Lotto Advanced play enables you to play one month of lottery beforehand. Even if you are not a winner of the jackpot, it is possible for you to win large prizes when you play Lotto plus games in the 2nd draw as well as 3rd.

Players who take part in the Lotto plus game also have an opportunity to play Lotto Plus Raffle Draw so as to become winner of €300. A raffle number of four digits shall be given to you at random. If you are able to match the whole number, you win the raffle. You can utilize similar payslip to play similar numbers many times.

There are no lucky numbers in Irish Lotto. Cold and hot numbers are not important. Selecting numbers that are important to the calendar is not going to assist you in winning the lottery. In Irish lotto, numbers are repeated often. This signifies that you can greatly enhance your winning prospects by playing with chosen numbers depending on previous Irish lotto winners. The numbers are repeated in 3 to 4 subsequent draws.

With Irish lotto, it is possible for you to enhance your winning prospects using strategies, rather than depending on pure luck. The sole issue is that it is not simple for you to foretell which digit is going to be repeated in the subsequent draws. The theory of probability is going to assist you greatly to enhance your winning prospects.

How to select the most ideal Irish Lotto numbers

To win the most ideal Irish lottery numbers, you should concentrate on winning patterns. It is not necessary for you to study about the recurring numbers. You just need to locate patterns that present the most ideal winning prospects and include the patterns in your picks.

In Irish lottery, a mixture of 3 high and 3 low as well as a mixture of 2 high and 4 low has each become winner of lottery 31% of the time. Rather than splitting your digits as high and low, select digits in high, mid and low level groups.
You can strike a balance in the digits by selecting 3 odd and 3 even digits. When playing lottery, you should exclude consecutive digits, since a pattern like this has won 51% of Irish lotto jackpot.

Winning tips for Irish Lotto

Many people play the lottery, hoping they shall win the jackpot one day or one of the top prizes. The prospects of being a jackpot winner are not favorable for the player; therefore, the lottery ensures it is making cash. Below are some tips to enhance your prospects of winning Irish Lotto, without the need of sharing the jackpot.

Keep away from Birthday number syndrome

Birthday numbers are picked often, since more than 40% of all players of lottery choose their birthday numbers. This does not form random numbers; however, it forms digits that are between 1-31. This limits the variety of digits that you play.

It is also more likely that you shall share the winnings using this technique as many players are utilizing it.

Huger jackpots do not signify huger winnings

Among the methods that the Irish Lotto attracts new players is by providing large jackpots, which run to millions. But, a huger jackpot means it is less probable that you will win the entire prize amount.

Almost all players of smart lotto can attest that they play for the huge jackpots also, but play smaller jackpot lotteries often. You might ask yourself why and the reason is that there are better odds and it is less likely or you to share the prizes.

The cost is reduced also; therefore, one can win more cash and incur fewer losses if they lose.

Do not rely on Astrological Predictions or your fortune cookie

It is enjoyable to study astrological predictions or fortune cookies; however, you should not utilize them for lotto numbers. It is very possible that very many people have viewed a lot of public domain numbers. This means already there are a large number of individuals utilizing those numbers and you simply become one more person to share the prize.

An illustration is when 110 individuals in New York State claimed the state lottery’s second prize. Upon investigations, it was discovered that majority of the 100 individuals got their winning digits from a fortune cookie.

Each of the cookies originated form a local factory; the digits were printed and issued in very many cookies. The prize needed to be divided into 100 prizes and every individual just obtained a few thousand dollars due to the large number of winners.

Purchase one ticket for each draw

According to Murphy’s Law, when you forget to purchase an Irish Lotto ticket one time, this is the time drawing of your numbers shall occur! Some players purchase an entire year’s worth of tickets once, to ensure that for each draw, they have their tickets. For you to win big, you should plan ahead.

Apart from purchasing Irish Lotto tickets in person, it is also possible for you to play Irish Lotto online. The tips above are effective as well, when you play online.

Playing Online

Whether you select Manual or Quick Pick, you shall have huge winning opportunities, with Irish National Lottery. Just select the playing option you prefer and purchase Irish National tickets online.

Getting Irish Lotto Results

You need not worry if you were not able to view Irish National Lottery draw. Immediately the Irish Lotto results are verified, a notification email will be sent to your inbox. If you have any winnings, this shall be paid straight to your account.

If the latest Irish lottery results indicate you are a jackpot winner you will personally be contacted with the wonderful news!