$1 Million To Be Shared Among 3 Lotto 6/49 Winners

Thanks to Lotto 6/49, On October 3rd three winners from the Sunshine Coast won $1 Million in Lotto 6/49. They claimed their winning on October 8th.

Carol Sawchuk bought the winning ticket along with co-workers Ronald Colpitts and Brent Davey. Although the ticket was bought in Carol’s name the winning will be split among the three. The ticket was bought in Sechelt from the Trail Bay Lotto Centre and the prize was claimed in Vancouver.

She was at work when she checked the draw results and realized that they had won but was in disbelief so she switched off the computer and switched it on again and rechecked to make sure she was not seeing things. She then told the others of the win.

The winnings will be used for various things; Brent will take his wife on vacation to Europe, Carol wants to buy a standup paddle board and Ronald will get himself a riding lawn mower. To top it all off they will definitely have a dinner to celebrate.

They plan to continue playing the lottery in hopes of winning even bigger.

Vital Facts of Irish Lotto to Help You Win!

Irish Lotto [lottopedia link] started in 1988 soon after the Irish government endorsed the National Lottery Act. This supports numerous sections of community, such as health, sports, welfare, national history and arts.

The initial Irish Lotto drawing occurred on 16 April 1988 and from when it was started, the Lotto has obtained an excess of €36 billion to provide support to the Irish community.

The Irish lottery begins with a €2 million jackpot. The second prize can go up to €25,000. The biggest jackpot ever won with Irish Lottery is €9,505,290. This record was unbeaten for 10 years.

Winning Irish Lotto

You should play many times so as to win the lottery. The option for Lotto Advanced play enables you to play one month of lottery beforehand. Even if you are not a winner of the jackpot, it is possible for you to win large prizes when you play Lotto plus games in the 2nd draw as well as 3rd.

Players who take part in the Lotto plus game also have an opportunity to play Lotto Plus Raffle Draw so as to become winner of €300. A raffle number of four digits shall be given to you at random. If you are able to match the whole number, you win the raffle. You can utilize similar payslip to play similar numbers many times.

There are no lucky numbers in Irish Lotto. Cold and hot numbers are not important. Selecting numbers that are important to the calendar is not going to assist you in winning the lottery. In Irish lotto, numbers are repeated often. This signifies that you can greatly enhance your winning prospects by playing with chosen numbers depending on previous Irish lotto winners. The numbers are repeated in 3 to 4 subsequent draws.

With Irish lotto, it is possible for you to enhance your winning prospects using strategies, rather than depending on pure luck. The sole issue is that it is not simple for you to foretell which digit is going to be repeated in the subsequent draws. The theory of probability is going to assist you greatly to enhance your winning prospects.

How to select the most ideal Irish Lotto numbers

To win the most ideal Irish lottery numbers, you should concentrate on winning patterns. It is not necessary for you to study about the recurring numbers. You just need to locate patterns that present the most ideal winning prospects and include the patterns in your picks.

In Irish lottery, a mixture of 3 high and 3 low as well as a mixture of 2 high and 4 low has each become winner of lottery 31% of the time. Rather than splitting your digits as high and low, select digits in high, mid and low level groups.
You can strike a balance in the digits by selecting 3 odd and 3 even digits. When playing lottery, you should exclude consecutive digits, since a pattern like this has won 51% of Irish lotto jackpot.

Winning tips for Irish Lotto

Many people play the lottery, hoping they shall win the jackpot one day or one of the top prizes. The prospects of being a jackpot winner are not favorable for the player; therefore, the lottery ensures it is making cash. Below are some tips to enhance your prospects of winning Irish Lotto, without the need of sharing the jackpot.

Keep away from Birthday number syndrome

Birthday numbers are picked often, since more than 40% of all players of lottery choose their birthday numbers. This does not form random numbers; however, it forms digits that are between 1-31. This limits the variety of digits that you play.

It is also more likely that you shall share the winnings using this technique as many players are utilizing it.

Huger jackpots do not signify huger winnings

Among the methods that the Irish Lotto attracts new players is by providing large jackpots, which run to millions. But, a huger jackpot means it is less probable that you will win the entire prize amount.

Almost all players of smart lotto can attest that they play for the huge jackpots also, but play smaller jackpot lotteries often. You might ask yourself why and the reason is that there are better odds and it is less likely or you to share the prizes.

The cost is reduced also; therefore, one can win more cash and incur fewer losses if they lose.

Do not rely on Astrological Predictions or your fortune cookie

It is enjoyable to study astrological predictions or fortune cookies; however, you should not utilize them for lotto numbers. It is very possible that very many people have viewed a lot of public domain numbers. This means already there are a large number of individuals utilizing those numbers and you simply become one more person to share the prize.

An illustration is when 110 individuals in New York State claimed the state lottery’s second prize. Upon investigations, it was discovered that majority of the 100 individuals got their winning digits from a fortune cookie.

Each of the cookies originated form a local factory; the digits were printed and issued in very many cookies. The prize needed to be divided into 100 prizes and every individual just obtained a few thousand dollars due to the large number of winners.

Purchase one ticket for each draw

According to Murphy’s Law, when you forget to purchase an Irish Lotto ticket one time, this is the time drawing of your numbers shall occur! Some players purchase an entire year’s worth of tickets once, to ensure that for each draw, they have their tickets. For you to win big, you should plan ahead.

Apart from purchasing Irish Lotto tickets in person, it is also possible for you to play Irish Lotto online. The tips above are effective as well, when you play online.

Playing Online

Whether you select Manual or Quick Pick, you shall have huge winning opportunities, with Irish National Lottery. Just select the playing option you prefer and purchase Irish National tickets online.

Getting Irish Lotto Results

You need not worry if you were not able to view Irish National Lottery draw. Immediately the Irish Lotto results are verified, a notification email will be sent to your inbox. If you have any winnings, this shall be paid straight to your account.

If the latest Irish lottery results indicate you are a jackpot winner you will personally be contacted with the wonderful news!

Inspiring Winning in Viking Lotto

Viking lotto is certainly one of the most emblematic things among Nordic countries and their people. The participation fee can be really low, while the winning prize can reach really high! This is one of the reasons why this game has so many loyal players among these countries.

viking lotto

Though most of the winnings are kept anonymous, there are some stories that have made their way to publicity. Often these stories can be inspiring, especially when you learn that the winner really needed this win.

Strategy and Gaming Options

Most people play randomly. They choose their favorite 6 numbers and hope that they will become their lucky ones as well. However, there are several other players that choose a certain strategy and stick with it, until it finally offers the desired result. One of these cases was Laila, a 50-year-old woman from Finland, who was one of the very few Finnish people to win Viking lotto.

The Story So Far

Laila was 50 years old when she won the prize, but she was 29 when she played her first Viking lotto ticket. She found it a very interesting game, and soon enough she started exploring all of the game’s options.

Through wide research from books and guidelines, Laila came to the conclusion that the safest way to play is by choosing one group of numbers to be played over and over again. And that was exactly what she did. Week after week, she played her 6 favorite numbers in Viking lotto.

6 for her daughter’s birthday, and 30 for her husband’s birthday. Her birthday never really made it to the cut, since as she said ‘’she never felt a lucky person in life’’. From then on, she decided to add 18, which reflected her years when she was accepted to college. She placed 5, which was when she first met her husband, 37 from their home address and 1 because ‘’it felt right’’. Her Viking lotto numbers were ready!

Online Gaming

When she learnt that she was able to play Viking lotto online, she rushed and created an account. She saved her favorite numbers and started playing the online version of Viking lotto. This game has entered the family’s routine, and often they all sat together and watched the results.

The years passed and Laila only won once. The amount was € 500.00 but it was enough to make her motivated again to continue playing Viking lotto. Until 2014, when her lucky numbers brought her 1 million euros! Laila couldn’t believe it: ‘’I made everyone in the family look for the numbers over and over again! When I was finally calm, I realized it. My system had eventually worked!’’.

Whether you play on system, or you choose your numbers randomly, one thing is for sure. You have the same chances as everyone else to win the Viking lotto and change your whole life.

Largest Powerball Lottery Jackpot Winners in US History

It is no news that winning a jackpot of any lottery let alone the US Powerball is something that can change the life of a person or group of persons overnight. While some look at the playing of lotteries as irresponsible, a vast and increasing number of people look at them as their chance to quit their boring jobs and live the life they always dream of. For some, that dream finally comes true when they win the jackpot. Others keep trying and hope for the day they can win the jackpot and make it into the list of the world’s millionaires. Just a few days ago, precisely on the 23rd August 2017, a ticket won a whopping sum of $758.7 million Powerball jackpot – an amount that sits currently at second in the list of largest jackpots of all time in US history and first largest jackpot won by a single US winner.

Learn more: How to Win the US Powerball

Below is the list of the largest Powerball jackpot winners of all time.

$1.6 billion Powerball – January 13, 2016

When you speak of Powerball jackpots, only one comes to mind – the jackpot of January 13, 2016. The record-shattering jackpot of $1.6 billion which was drawn on this day was won by three tickets and thus, was split three ways. The winners included John and Lisa Robinson of Munford, Tennessee, Mae and Marvin Acosta of Chino Hills – California, and a 70-year old from Melbourne Beach, Florida named Maureen Smith.

When asked how she won the lottery, Maureen Smith told the Florida Lottery that she won by using the same six numbers she had been using to play the lottery for years. John and Lisa Robinson opted to take their own share of the $1.6 billion amount – $528.8 million, in one cash lump-sum payment of $327.8 million instead of the 30-year annuitized payment. The Acostas on the other hand refused to speak to the media and stayed for six months before claiming their own share of the prize.

$758.7 million Powerball – August 23, 2017

Just a few days ago, the new second largest Powerball jackpot of all time was won. After being rolled over since June 10th, 2017, the Powerball jackpot had risen to a mammoth sum of $758.7 million. Lottery booths filled up as people tried to purchase a Powerball ticket to participate in the Thursday, 23rd of August draw.

The jackpot was finally won by a single ticket which was purchased at the Pride Station and Store, Chicopee, Massachusetts by a hospital worker from Western Massachusetts. When asked about her plans, the 53-year old Mavis Wanczyk said had quit her job and plans on retiring early. Of course, she still has to choose between the annuitized form of payment which is done over 30 years and increases by 5% each year, and the cash lump sum amount. Either way, she’s and her children look pretty much settled for the rest of their lives.

$590.5 million Powerball – May 18, 2013

Before the $758 million jackpot of Saturday, 23rd August 2017, the second largest Powerball jackpot, now third largest was $590.5 million. The jackpot amount which was won by a single ticket belonging to Gloria Mackenzie – 84 years of age and a resident of Florida was drawn on May 18, 2013. When asked about how she felt, Gloria said to her, it was luck as another lottery player who was in line at Publix with her was kind enough to let her go ahead in line to purchase her ticket which surprisingly turned out to be the winning ticket.

$587.5 million Powerball – November 28, 2012

The draw of November 28, 2012 produced two winning tickets which take the place of fourth largest Powerball jackpot ever. The amount which stood at 587.5 million was won by Matthew Good of Arizona and a couple who hail from Missouri – Cindy and Mark Hill.

$564 million Powerball – February 11, 2015

On February 11, 2015, a sum of $564 million was won during the Powerball draw holding that day. The jackpot amount was won by three tickets which belonged to Marie Holmes – resident of North Carolina, an anonymous winner of Puerto Rico and Andrew Weber of Texas who claimed a share of the amount on behalf of a trust located in Texas.

$487 million – July 30, 2016

July 30, 2016 witnessed the birth of a new millionaire who claimed a $487 million Powerball jackpot amount. The single winning ticket of this huge amount was purchased in New Hampshire by an anonymous player.

$448.4 million – August 7, 2013

On August 7, 2013, $448.4 million was won by three winning tickets. The tickets belonged to an anonymous project engineer who hails from Minnesota, a group of 16 victims of Hurricane Sandy, and a 70-year old man from New Jersey.

$447.8 million – June 10, 2017

Before the Saturday, August 23, 2017 jackpot that saw that saw the birth of not only a new millionaire but also the second largest Powerball and US jackpot of all time, the last jackpot Powerball jackpot was won on the 10th June 2017 after 19 draws failed to produce a jackpot winner. The $447.8 million amount was won by one single ticket belonging to Jeff Lindsay of California, who used the funds from his winning scratch ticket to purchase the Powerball ticket which eventually won him the jackpot.

$435 million Powerball – February 22, 2017

On the 22nd of February 2017, an anonymous winner who hails from Indiana was the sole winner of a $435 million Powerball jackpot making him the ninth largest Powerball jackpot winner. That’s the third largest Powerball jackpot winner who won in 2017 and made it to the top 10 of all time. 2017 looks like a good year for players of the Powerball.

$429.6 million Powerball – May 7, 2016

A whopping sum of $429.6 million was won by a single jackpot winner during the draw of May 7, 2016. This anonymous jackpot winner purchased the winning ticket in New Jersey.

The list above shows that the winning of a jackpot is for everyone. No matter how steep the odds are, everyone has an equal chance of becoming a millionaire. But you wouldn’t know for sure if you could’ve become one if you don’t play. Purchase your ticket now and try your luck.

Recent Powerball (USA Lottery) Winners

Powerball presents an American lottery that is run by 47 states in the U.S and territories as a combined jackpot game. The predecessor of Powerball was begun in 1988; it was called Lotto America also, until 1992 when there was a change in the name and regulations.

Tickets to this game have been sold by some states since its inception in 1992. Others have gradually joined over the years, assisting to make it even more famous and increase jackpots to record quantities. Puerto Rico and Wyoming were the most recent territories to join Powerball towards the end of 2014. Continue reading Recent Powerball (USA Lottery) Winners

Is Lottery Prediction Possible?

Because lottery is driven by a desire to win, some individuals have created varied methods of predicting the result of the lotteries they are taking part in.

Some just utilize a pencil and piece of paper to list what they think is the trend in lottery numbers that win. Others simply leave this game to luck and select random numbers. Some utilize programs for Lottery Prediction Software. Continue reading Is Lottery Prediction Possible?

The Ease and Convenience of Purchasing Lottery Tickets Online in India

There are a lot of different things that you can purchase on the web today. Cycle through any search and you will no doubt find someone selling what you’re looking for. This even includes things that could bring you a bit of fortune. For instance, if you were to look for lottery tickets, you could easily get your hands on the best scratchers, winning numbers, and much more. The ubiquitous nature of online platforms has allowed individuals from all backgrounds get moving forward within the scope of lottery sales in a whole new manner. Why would you want to go ahead and purchase lottery tickets online? Well there’s a lot of different factors that come into play here. Once you narrow down a few things, you will realize that this is an advantageous thing to work within. Continue reading The Ease and Convenience of Purchasing Lottery Tickets Online in India