Mega Millions

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Even as it is common knowledge that the chances of winning a lottery is quite slim, the number of people that buy lottery tickets yearly seems to be on the rise with millions of people across the US and the world in fact, buying different lottery tickets depending on their preference and location. And considering the “no pain, no gain” idea, it would really not hurt to spend a couple of dollars in anticipation of winning millions.

Different countries have their own lotteries with varying prize monies depending on the people behind it. Powerball and Mega Millions are two of the biggest and well known lotteries in the US. With millions of people playing these lotteries it is no wonder the prize money is always in millions of dollars with the jackpot prize reaching as high as a $100 million or even more.

The biggest jackpot game in the US is the Mega Millions with a jackpot of $390 million won in 2007. The lottery is available in a dozen states across the US meaning people in these states can easily get their tickets from retailers in their communities.

The question of how to participate if one is not in any of these states arises. If one happens to be outside these states or out of the US, participation is quite simple as the Mega Millions lottery tickets can be purchased online via secure SSL websites such as Be sure to be buying from genuine and reputable websites as there are many scams on the internet claiming to be lottery ticket retailers.

You should also ensure to read the terms and conditions of any of the website you decide to buy from before making the purchase. Different sites have their different policies so take time out to read and understand before entering your credit card details. It is a common practice for lottery tickets sellers online to buy your ticket and send it to you if you eventually win.

You would normally get an email notification of your winnings and you have the option of getting the ticket sent to you or ordering the company to collect your winnings on your behalf and transfer it to your bank account. A note of warning however. If the website does not require you to register, it is best advised you find your way out of the website after all, there are several online lottery ticket sellers to purchase from.

All you need to stand a chance of winning millions is a computer with an internet connection and you might just be on your way to becoming the next millionaire in dollars, of course.