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Lottosend presents an online lottery ticket service that provides an easy, reliable and comfortable manner to participate in the hugest and most famous licensed lotteries in the globe, such as Euro Millions and Mega Millions.Lottosend

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Their aim is to offer customers from throughout the globe the chance to take part in some of the most famous lottery jackpots comfortably from their mobile device or PC.

Their team is made of a group of skilled experts with a huge range of expertise gained from numerous years of experience in the lottery and gaming industry.

This means you are in wonderful hands!

About Lottosend

Lottosend, which is a global online lottery agent, is found in Slovakia. If you want to play, you can get lottery tickets for ten of the hugest international jackpots. Lottosend utilizes its name and sends your ticket’s scanned copy to you.

All online resources do not offer this comforting feature. As the tickets are processed in sets, obtaining your scanned ticket might take a number of hours.

How to Play

This is simple; just visit their site and register. After you choose the lottery and numbers you want, you will receive a prompt to make another decision.

You are able to play:

  • One time ticket purchase single or group
  • Many times (you will obtain numerous discounts also) or through a
  • Subscription which provides a 30% discount

You choose the option for ‘add to cart’ and check out in the same manner as any regular online shopping site. Playing is so easy!

You obtain a ‘welcome bonus’ once’ of 100% going to $30. Prior to checking out, you shall be urged to create your account and submit your payment data.

Website Design

Some website designs are busy, confusing or intimidating. Lottosend is very simple to navigate. There are usual site options on the right corner at the top, such as Support, Frequently Asked Questions, Home, Results, Raffles and newest option.