Lotto 6/49

How to Win Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 is among the most famous lottery games in Canada, which was set up in June 1982. It was Canada’s initial national lottery to permit players to select their individual numbers.

In September 2013, it went through a huge change and numerous new features were presented, for instance a CA$1 guaranteed million prize for a single ticket holder in every draw and jackpots beginning at a CA$5 million guarantee.

The tips below can make you a winner!

Step 1: Lower Your Odds to Improve Your Winning Prospects

No person and no lottery software are able to make a precise prediction of the exact figures, which will be drawn in the following Lotto 6/49 draw.  Predicting what will be drawn is not a method of winning Lotto 6/49; rather what is going to be eliminated.

By excluding what is least likely to occur, you can enhance your Lotto 6/49 winning chances a lot. If you can cleverly lower only 5 key balls from your play pool, your winning odds of Lotto 6/49 shall be enhanced by 50%!

Step 2: To Win Lotto 6/49, Play the Correct Combinations

After decreasing your odds, you should play the correct tickets with the correct combinations so as to win. Even when using a smaller ball pool, it still remains impossible to play each of the possible combinations.

Kindly remember to play responsibly at all times. After all, this is a lottery and it is not certain that you shall win. By checking the combinations of odd & even, low & high, root sum, sum and keeping away from all consecutive figures and ascending numbers, you can play cleverly on just the tickets that can offer you better winning prospects.

Suggested Filters With Tickets that are Filtered & Optimized

Magayo Lotto software is able to suggest the filters to utilize depending on the patterns and trends. These filters are used when producing your tickets for Lotto 6/49. The filtered tickets are optimized further to offer you better winning opportunities!