La Primitiva

All About the Spanish El Gordo Lottery

So as to play El Gordo de la Primitiva, you shall require doing as follows:

  • Select 5 numbers from a 1-54 range.
  • Select 1 bonus or key number from a 0-9 range.

To be the jackpot winner, you shall require matching the 5 key numbers and the extra key number.

Prize Breakdown for Spanish El Gordo

The El Gordo de la Primitiva payout system is a bit more complex, compared to your standard lottery draw. From the overall quantity of ticket sales, 45% is retained by the Spanish Government, which operates the draw.

10% of the revenue from tickets is apportioned to a reserve fund for repaying refund tickets (tickets that have a chosen bonus number which is correct).

45% is shared on prizes; first category, 22% and for the other prizes 33%. For each category, the prize is distributed equally among each matching ticket.

First category consists of a guaranteed minimum quantity of five million euros. Where there are no winners in the first category, 50% of the quantity kept for the initial category (11% of overall revenue) is accrued to the guaranteed or earlier quantity for the following drawing. Normally, this leads to large bonus prizes for only the first category.

The quantity for the other prizes (33% of overall revenue) is then lowered by the number of tickets that have 2+0 prizes in eighth category, where each obtains a 3 € fixed amount.

Special regulations are applicable in the event that one of these categories becomes void and also when any category has lower prizes.

Fascinating News about Spanish El Gordo

Spain’s La Primitiva is the oldest lottery. It was presented in 1763 and has a name that is self-descriptive. It means ‘primitive one.’ The 5/90 format was conserved until 1862. After this, La Primitiva went through a break. The game was launched again in 1985 with its latest format.

The hugest jackpot won in this game’s history was €27 million. A resident from La Palma Island was the winner. This was in March 2009.