Inspiring Winning in Viking Lotto

Viking lotto is certainly one of the most emblematic things among Nordic countries and their people. The participation fee can be really low, while the winning prize can reach really high! This is one of the reasons why this game has so many loyal players among these countries.

viking lotto

Though most of the winnings are kept anonymous, there are some stories that have made their way to publicity. Often these stories can be inspiring, especially when you learn that the winner really needed this win.

Strategy and Gaming Options

Most people play randomly. They choose their favorite 6 numbers and hope that they will become their lucky ones as well. However, there are several other players that choose a certain strategy and stick with it, until it finally offers the desired result. One of these cases was Laila, a 50-year-old woman from Finland, who was one of the very few Finnish people to win Viking lotto.

The Story So Far

Laila was 50 years old when she won the prize, but she was 29 when she played her first Viking lotto ticket. She found it a very interesting game, and soon enough she started exploring all of the game’s options.

Through wide research from books and guidelines, Laila came to the conclusion that the safest way to play is by choosing one group of numbers to be played over and over again. And that was exactly what she did. Week after week, she played her 6 favorite numbers in Viking lotto.

6 for her daughter’s birthday, and 30 for her husband’s birthday. Her birthday never really made it to the cut, since as she said ‘’she never felt a lucky person in life’’. From then on, she decided to add 18, which reflected her years when she was accepted to college. She placed 5, which was when she first met her husband, 37 from their home address and 1 because ‘’it felt right’’. Her Viking lotto numbers were ready!

Online Gaming

When she learnt that she was able to play Viking lotto online, she rushed and created an account. She saved her favorite numbers and started playing the online version of Viking lotto. This game has entered the family’s routine, and often they all sat together and watched the results.

The years passed and Laila only won once. The amount was € 500.00 but it was enough to make her motivated again to continue playing Viking lotto. Until 2014, when her lucky numbers brought her 1 million euros! Laila couldn’t believe it: ‘’I made everyone in the family look for the numbers over and over again! When I was finally calm, I realized it. My system had eventually worked!’’.

Whether you play on system, or you choose your numbers randomly, one thing is for sure. You have the same chances as everyone else to win the Viking lotto and change your whole life.