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There are hundreds, probably thousands of websites who specialize in selling lottery tickets to players around the world. Choosing the right online lotto website can save you time, money, and can have a dramatically positive affect on your overall winnings.

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On the other hand, depositing your hard-earned money into the wrong online lottery ticket service can leave you with more problems than you can possibly fathom. Here’s a few of the negative aspects that come with selecting an untrustworthy, unscrupulous lotto website.

High fees: Most legitimate lottery ticket websites charge no extra fee. Though some may charge a service fee in the event you win a large cash prize.

Pure scams: Some lotto websites are set up purely for the intention of getting players personal and banking information. A common scam tactic used by these groups involves sending an email or having an “agent” contact a potential lottery player with promises of riches. These scams are little more obvious, but still dangerous nonetheless.

No ticket scans: Virtually every lotto website guarantees that players will receive a scanned photo copy of the tickets that were purchased by the website’s agents. Sounds simple, but unfortunately there are many websites who do not stick to this promise, which forces players to speculate and worry about if their tickets were even purchased at all.

With this said, we would like to recommend – based on our own experience – a highly trustworthy, helpful, low-cost, easy-to-use lotto website:

LottoSend is owned by EU-Logistik-Transport based in Drienov, Slovak Republic. LottoSend offers 12 different international lotto games, including:

  • US Powerball
  • EuroMillions
  • SuperEnlalotto
  • Euro Jackpot
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Oz Lotto
  • El Gordo
  • Australian Saturday Lotto
  • Australian Powerball

For each lotto game you can choose to take part in a single player game or group game. Navigating and purchasing lotto tickets is very simple, while tickets are priced fairly. LottoSend also offers multiple first time deposit bonuses and a detailed live results page.

We were also impressed with the speed their agents deliver a confirmed photo copy of the tickets. We had a fun time using LottoSend’s services, and we guarantee you will too.