Canada Lotteries

How to Win the Canadian Lotto

Lotto Canada is Canada’s national lottery, a game which has remained unchanged since its creation in 1982. Playing Canadian lottery is simple: Choose six numbers ranging from 1 to 49 for the Main Jackpot Draw. And then select 10 numbers for the $1 million guaranteed prize draw.

Each ticket costs just $3, drawings are held every Wednesday and Sunday, and the jackpot begins at $5. The overall odds of winning the main jackpot prize is 1 in about 14 million, while the odds of winning any single prize are 1 in 6.6 – which is very good.

Here are a few proven lotto tips to help increase your odds of winning Canada’s 6/49.

Balanced Odd/Even Numbers

No matter which lottery you’re playing, you always want to choose a mixed set of odd and even numbers. Playing all odd or all even numbers is akin to throwing your money away. It is best to have a combination of 2/4, 3/3, or 4/2 of odd and even numbers. One these three number combinations will occur in around 80% of winning 6/49 drawings.

Use A Group

When it comes to playing the lottery, there’s always strength in numbers – but there’s also a weakness. Look at the most recent winning Lotto 6/49 number sets and you’ll notice that one or more number groups are not represented. While one winning ticket may have no numbers in the 20’s, another winning 6/49 ticket might have no 40’s. Select a minimum of 1 number groups to leave out.

Losing and Winning Numbers

Numbers that have not been included in a winning lottery ticket for 5 games or less make up around 55% of winning numbers. Losing numbers that not been included in 10 winning tickets or less make up around 76% of winning numbers. Losing digits that have not been included in at least 17 winning tickets or less make up 90% of the winning number combination. So what does this mean? Simply that “hot” numbers are more probable to end up on a winning number combination, but it’s always a good idea to throw in at least one improbable number into your 6-set number group.