Australia Lotteries

All About Australian Lotto Monday, Wednesday & Saturday Lotto

The Australian Lotto is one of the country’s most popular lottery games that goes under many different names within different Australia territories, such as: Lotto, Tattslotto, Gold Lotto, and X Lotto.

The very first drawing for the Lotto was held in June 1972, and at the time offered players a main jackpot prize worth $50,000.

To play the Lotto, you must select a total of eight numbers ranging from 1 to 45. The first six numbers are your main numbers, followed by two supplementary numbers.

The jackpot prize starts at $4 million. Drawings take place – of course – on Saturdays between 8:30 AEST and 9:30 AEDT. The odds of taking home the jackpot are 1 in 8.14 million, while the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 84, with 6 total prize divisions. The cost of each combination is $0.70, there is no minimum or maximum number of tickets you can purchase.

While prize winnings are determined by selecting the correct six regular and two supplementary numbers, to strike it big with the jackpot you’re only required to match all six regular numbers – not all eight.


Superdraws are a rarity with the Australian Lotto and occur a few times per year. A superdraw occurs when the jackpot is raised to $20 million or more. These drawings tend to attract a lot of attention.


The megadraw is also a special feature of the Australian Lotto. The megadraw takes place once every year around the end of the Christmas season. The megadraw is even bigger than the superdraw, wherein the jackpot prize is raised to more than $30 million. The drawing typically takes place in the first week of the new year.

Recent Winners

Here are a few recent Lotto jackpot winners, along with their correctly chosen numbers.

  • Saturday, May 13th: 8 people won $21 million with the numbers 1-16-21-30-35-40-2-7.
  • Saturday, May 6th: 4 people won $4 million with the numbers 8-9-16-26-39-41-28-31.
  • Saturday, April 29th: 5 people won $3.9 million with the numbers 3-10-23-29-34-37-1-24.