Australia Powerball

All About the Australia Powerball Lottery

Australia Powerball Lottery presents the country’s night lottery on Thursday. Players choose six figures, from 1-40 and one Aussie Powerball figure from 1-20.

This famous Australian lotto has AUD$80 million record jackpot!

Playing Australia Powerball Online

Play Australia Powerball using a range of six figures from 1-40 as well as an extra figure (the Powerball) from 1-20. After the Aussie lotto surpasses AUD$10 million, rollovers exceed AUD$10 million or more.

This enables the jackpot for Australia Powerball to grow fast to huge 8-figure amounts! Utilize your lucky numbers, random selection (quick pick) or manual selection to purchase official lottery tickets online. You will view a copy of your ticket in your account prior to the draw with See Your Ticket Service from Lottosend.

Drawings for Australia Powerball are carried out at 10:45 am GMT on Thursdays and Lottosend provides one-time consistent entries and systematic forms also. Include the Powerball to enhance your wins for match-3, match-4 and match-5. You might be lucky enough to win the multi-million dollar Powerball jackpot from Australia if you match 6+PB!

Purchase Australia Powerball Tickets Online and Save

When you play Australia Powerball at Lottosend, which is an official online lottery, you will enjoy remarkable discounts of up to 25%. This is when you purchase a 5, 10, 25 or 52 draw multi-draw of Australia Powerball or buy a bundle with a fixed discount.

Loyal players are offered more discounts of even 20% by Lottosend VIP club. This is for all purchases made online!

Winning Australia Powerball Jackpot

The top prize for Australia Powerball begins at AUD$3,000,000. In 2009 it went up to AUD$80,000,000. The Australia’s Oz Lotto is the only one that exceeded this sum.

Match each of the six figures and Aussie Powerball figure to win your portion of Australian Powerball jackpot. Select from 6 or 12 one-time entries.  8,9,10 and 11 number methodical forms are available also, to assist you to make huge winnings when your lucky figures come up!