Playing the UK49s in India? You’re not the only one!

There is no doubt about it, the 49s is a lottery with a difference. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, no longer do you have to be restricted to play only the domestic state lottery where you are, nowadays, thanks to online lottery companies you can play the lottery no matter where you are located. Now, thanks to lotteries such as the UK49s, you don’t even have to wait until the lottery draw date – with the UK49s the draw date is every day, twice a day!

The UK49s is a certainly a lottery with a difference. Not only thanks to the openness to international players which will touch upon later, the most different aspect of the UK49s is that there is two draws a day & you can bet how much you want on the outcome you want. Never has there been a lottery draw game out there that gives the player such autonomy – which is probably why it has become such a popular draw online without much advertising or investment. In the internet age, viral doesn’t just mean a video or a meme. If someone thinks something is good, they tell other people, if the other people think it’s good, they tell other people and this is exactly what has happened with the UK49s over the past 18 months. Let’s look deeper into the three-key aspect of the UK49s that are making a lottery that you can no longer ignore.


UK49s – What, When & How

It’s so easy! You just need an account with one of the online lottery companies that provide UK49s as one of their draw games. One of the big reason why UK49s has been a hit online is that you decide how much to play with. This can be anywhere from $1 upwards – the more you bet, the more you win if your bet comes through. 

Don’t think about the UK49s as just another lottery, its completely different. Once you have decided how much you want to play with, now you decide how many balls you are betting on. Unlike regular lottery draw games, in the UK49s you can play just one number. If that number comes in, you win (whatever your stake is multiplied by the preset odds – for one number in the UK49s this will be 6/1). With two draws a day, it is easy to see why this game is a hit online. The key to success is a little and often, UK49s allows the players to take this control and if you are a frugal and sensible better, it’s a great way to earn little and often. Obviously, the flip side to the UK49s is to select all 6 numbers and bet on the outcome with a large wager. The odds for this coming through are high (although lower than most lotteries by far) but if you do win, you can expect to be looking at life changing money.

Playing the UK49s Online

The country that is taking the UK49s by storm is India: With such a large population, internet connection and a good understanding of both English and the lottery format, UK49s is proving itself a runaway success in India for Indians. We don’t have any concrete answers as to what is the key appealing factor that is getting Indians to play the UK49s but were pretty sure we have a good idea – it’s a great lottery, a fun lottery and in our opinion, the Indians are the first to recognize the huge potential out there when playing the UK49s.

So, if you are looking for a new type of lottery that puts the power in your hands, you’ve found the UK49s. If you are looking for a lottery with multiple draws a day, you’ve found the UK49s, if you are looking for a lottery that you can play from anywhere in the world, you’ve found the UK49s, and if you’re looking for a lottery that gives you genuinely good odds to build up and earn from, you’ve found the UK49s.

Good Luck!