$1 Million To Be Shared Among 3 Lotto 6/49 Winners

Thanks to Lotto 6/49, On October 3rd three winners from the Sunshine Coast won $1 Million in Lotto 6/49. They claimed their winning on October 8th.

Carol Sawchuk bought the winning ticket along with co-workers Ronald Colpitts and Brent Davey. Although the ticket was bought in Carol’s name the winning will be split among the three. The ticket was bought in Sechelt from the Trail Bay Lotto Centre and the prize was claimed in Vancouver.

She was at work when she checked the draw results and realized that they had won but was in disbelief so she switched off the computer and switched it on again and rechecked to make sure she was not seeing things. She then told the others of the win.

The winnings will be used for various things; Brent will take his wife on vacation to Europe, Carol wants to buy a standup paddle board and Ronald will get himself a riding lawn mower. To top it all off they will definitely have a dinner to celebrate.

They plan to continue playing the lottery in hopes of winning even bigger.